1. Big Romance

From the recording My Freakin' Heart

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Big Romance
Copyright 2005
Dan Pelletier

Bb Eb
I know what makes me smile, I know what makes me swoon
Bb F Eb
I know what makes me set, set my thoughts down to a tune
Bb Eb
When the feeling takes me it comes upon me in a burst
Bb F Bb
Of all the songs I’ll write for you, here’s the first

Chorus 1:
Bb Eb
And if you should leave me now, you’ll fill my next CD
Bb F Eb F
With songs of broken hearts for how love oughtta be
Bb Eb
But if you take this chance, on a big romance
Bb F
We’re gonna make them laugh, we’re gonna make ‘em smile
We’re gonna make them dance
Whenever someone moves me, I get the big idea
And I find the words to let it out, and the tune and the form comes clear
But right now I can’t sort it out, cause there’s too much to write about
So many big ideas, this could take me years

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Grab your partner, swing her around
Allemande, allemande, promenade down
Sashay, sashay dosie-doe
Right hand star and a one below (2X)
Bow step, Dewey Step, Push step, Lock Step
Quick Step, Sailor Step, Scizzor Step, Rock Step
Step Pivot, Step Turn, Strut Step, Tiptoe
Triple Step, Slide Step, Two Step, Zydeco
Waltz, waltz, waltz, waltz

Chorus 2

Chorus 1