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Crossroads (Beauty and Pain)

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The Crossroads

copyright 2004
Dan Pelletier

It's six am and I am driving through the traffic of pain and regret
To where my 18 year old son is sleeping, having drunk himself into a hospital bed
But the sky at the sunrise this morning was so beautiful I almost cried
And the last time I looked on such glory you were still here by my side
Maybe that's why you fly to my memory, like some tender and sad old refrain
That echoes among the odd ruins, at the crossroads of beauty and pain

I had been blind for so long, I'd gotten used to things I couldn't see
You shone your light and opened my eyes to how beautiful this life can be
But I could not make you see love and as I am just now coming to learn
You only saw what it cost you, and not what it could give in return
You only saw the dark shadows, now the warm glow as love burns
So I struggle to love you and hate you, til it all becomes one and the same
And the stoplights they blink shades of grey here, at the crossroads of beauty and pain

And the last time that we were in love I could feel the light slipping away
Like the sun setting off Costa Rica long shadows at the end of the day The light is most beautiful at rise and fall but it sometimes so hard to let go
I was grabbing the reins of Apollo, trying to make him damned horses go slow

If it was all just the one, dear, I could let go of these dreams
If it was all light or all dark here, and not so much this mix of extremes
Maybe I could move on down the road and not get so hung up like I do
At this corner where pain runs to beauty, where I go sometimes to visit with you

It's six am and I am driving...