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Fairy Tale Ending

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Fairy Tale Ending

Copyright 2002
Dan Pelletier

You and I were young at heart, when first we chose our lifelong partners
It may be youth or just the breaks, but sometimes the best intentions are mistakes
And sometimes love won’t stand the test of time and leaves the hapless hearts pretending
But if it could for yours and mine, won’t that be a fairy tale ending?

I know fairy tales concern sweet young maidens and princes on a steed of silver
Though youth and beauty fade, still our dreams are made of a love that lasts forever
And if you’re on the road to heaven, who cares where it starts or how it’s bending
If it takes you where you’ve never been, won’t that be a fairy tale ending?

So it’s not the picture perfect darling, the one who prayed for and dreamed of
And if it comes a few years late, who are you and I to question love?
You and I still young at heart, and so we vow through worse and better
And maybe when the years test love this time we will stay that young forever
Come on take my hand and walk with me to a place of love and laughter
And maybe look back on this moment, darling as the start of happily ever after