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Heartache Museum

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Heartache Museum
Copyright 2011
Daniel Pelletier

What am I to do, with all the broken pieces that used to be me
Before I met you I had such a twisted fractured history
Now all that remains of my wounds are blood stains
And the old toothless pain, stuck in half sung refrains
My once tall strong needs all grown over with weeds
Like the unfulfilled dreams in my heartache museum

I could gather all the sorrow and package it tomorrow as a cure for those whose tear ducts will not flow
And the tables that have turned into hard lessons I have learned could be coursework for the fools who do not know
I could stop a war today with all the love I tossed away or at least divert the bullets with the way I’ve missed lost friends
The excitement that I knew could make a Disneyworld or two, but then the rides would all be misplaced at the ends


I would toss out in the trash all the times that I’ve been rash
I wish that youthful indiscretions could be turned to cold, hard cash
If frustration were bricks I could build a new great wall
If confusion were gold I would guild the Taj Mahal
But I’ll go dancing on the grave of unrequited love I gave
And realize there’s really not all that much here that I would save
‘Cause when you gave your love to me, you tied me down and set me free
And consigned all of this heartache to the realm of history
And all the times when I went wrong grew me up and grew me strong
So I wrote them down in song, cause that’s where that crap belongs
And I’ll will put them on display, you could visit them today
You can all come out to see ‘em at the heartache museum