From the recording My Freakin' Heart

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My Freakin Heart

Copyright 2013
Dan Pelletier

There’s a crack of lightning, makes me think of you
My heart goes all excitening as wild things often do
Like a ship on stormy oceans, like a kid on Christmas Day
I get swept up in the emotions, I get a bit carried away

My freakin’ heart, it won’t stand still
Loves you like crazy and it always will

It you take a wild tiger and you put him on a leash
Take a walk through Central Park, with about 15 of these
You get some sense of how my heart feels every time when you are near
It’s not exactly like wild tigers, but I think you get the idea


My freakin heart sees only the green lights it never seems to see the yield or the slow or the stop
My freakin heart’s a kid in a candy store on the back of a bull in a china shop
My freakin heart’s supposed to, pump the blood right to my brain
But when you’re near it don’t remember, all it can think to do is sing this old refrain

Chorus, repeat