1. Emily

From the recording My Freakin' Heart

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Copyright 2013
Dan Pelletier

Just when I thought it was over, just when I thought I was through
Just when I thought that I’d never be happy and I’d never want someone new
Just when I thought that I’d never be satisfied
Forever lonely and free

Emily, Emily, Emily (2x)

She doesn’t know me, but that doesn’t matter, I still feel the pull just the same
You don’t need a home run, just be a batter, It’s good to get back in the game
Sometimes it’s quite enough to have someone to love
To be loved eventually

Emily, Emily, Emily (2x)

I wake and I think “Emily”
I sleep and I dream “Emily”
I eat and I drink “Emily”
My heart seems to scream “Emily”

Emily, Emily, Emily (2x)

Here’s to old romance, here’s to fresh starts
Hope springs eternal in hard-beating hearts
Here’s to the fates, what will be will be
Here’s to the smile of sweet Emily

Emily, Emily, Emily (2x)