From the recording My Freakin' Heart

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Gifts of the Magi (Roses on Roses)

Copyright 2013
Dan Pelletier

She is standing in the kitchen she is washing up the dishes
I am writing her a love song it’s full of silly dreams and wishes
As offerings to a lover these may not seem to overwhelm
But they are gifts of the Magi, brightest coins in all the realm

I was not born to fortune, nor power, nor position
My father was a troubadour and I carry that tradition
But if I had the hand of Midas, if I had the wealth of kings
I would cover her with blessings and with all the finest things

I’d give her…

Roses on roses, and diamonds for her diamonds
I would trim her bed in pearls and line her path in silk
I’d give her roses on roses, chocolate covered chocolates
Give her sweetest nectar for her honey and her milk

I once loved a siren with a voice that harked of angels
I loved her for its beauty though I did not see the danger
For she sang for the sailors, she sang for the sea
And though I was her lover yet she never sang for me

Now my love has a timid voice, and it comes forth in a whisper
And it’s filled with holy grace and I hear it as a vesper
It moves my sacred spirit and it draws me to my savior
I could not repay that gift no matter what I gave her

I’d give her…


So my little valentine I will say it in a song
And I will sing it in my heart where it will last a whole life long
And time will be the marker of the things that are to be
As she someday learns the words and sings my songs to me

We’ll have