From the recording Better Demos


Playing with Fire
Copyright 2015
Dan Pelletier
Bb C Dm Eb
You reach your hand out toward the fire, afraid that you will burn your fingers
Surprise yourself with your desire, as you let your hand linger
We’ve all had damage in our turns, and so we worry the exposure
Knowing full well you could be burned, still you inch your feet closer
(F pickup)Bb Am F Bb Eb F (2x)
You’re playing with fire (4x)

I spend my time doing as I’m told, safe and careful, cautious and right
A blameless moth lonely and cold, longing for the light

You’re playing with fire (4x)
Eb Bb Ab Bb Eb Bb Eb F
Wherever someone lives in pain, you’ll find a master and a slave
You never need to serve again, if you could only be that brave

The floors of this house are bone dry, though you have soaked them with your tears
You refuse to live the lie, the lie that you have lived for years
You douse the floors in gasoline, cause your mama raised a fighter
The purging fire makes it clean, all you need is to drop the lighter

You’re playing with fire (4x)